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Exogeology Rocks!

October 25th, 2011

Hi! It’s Tuesday, October 25, 2011 and time for Science at ClickSchooling!

Recommended Website:
Exogeology Rocks!

The Bentley Family was recently interviewed about unschooling on the “Today Show.” The segment included information about Zoe Bentley’s passion for Exogeology. Zoe, a teenager, created this terrific website with information on exogeology that combines the sciences of geology and astronomy in the study of planets, asteroids, moons, etc.

When you get to the site, you’ll see information about “Zoe’s Geo Party,” a trivia game she invented that involves weekly video clues that are posted on the site. Scroll down the page to see the archive of past clues and games.

You can also click on links to watch the Bentley Family’s segment on the “Today Show” and visit their blog to get their reaction to the piece.

To begin learning about Exogeology, use the menu under the headline “Things To Do” on the right side of the homepage that includes a definition of Exogeology, information on how to use the site. You can also learn more about Zoe. You’ll also find:

*Exogeology Rocks: Episodes/Meet Real Exogeologists – Watch Zoe’s on-camera interviews with exogeologists who explain what their work entails.

*How To Become An Exogeologist – Get information on what it takes to have a career in exogeology.  Kids will find suggested activities and links to further information about:

  • NASA
  • Rock collecting
  • Dig-sites
  • Stargazing
  • Visiting geologic formations

*Games & Puzzles – Enjoy playing crossword puzzles, word searches, and jigsaw puzzles themed around geology, astronomy, and exogeology.

You’ll also find a photo gallery, a great list of resources to explore, and more!

This is an incredible demonstration of where interest-initiated learning and unschooling can lead, and may inspire your homeschooler or unschooler to explore their passions with the same gusto.

ClickSchooling Resource: Teach Your Teens How To Manage Money

August 16th, 2009

Dear ClickSchooling List Members,

Do you want to teach your teens “money smarts” but are not sure how or where to start?

During these tough economic times, your teens may be seeing their allowances dwindle along with your 401K’s. Foreclosure, bankruptcy and job loss affect everyone – and you may be wondering how to help your tweens and teens prepare for the inevitable ups and downs of life as adults.

As you know, schools don’t teach how to save, invest, and plan for retirement and many parents are struggling because they were never taught themselves.

Homeschool families are in a unique position to learn money management skills together. And I’d like to introduce you to someone who can help you get the help you need.

Meet published author and money coach Patti Handy. As the founder of she gives F*REE weekly tips in a fun video format called “The Money Minute for Teens” with fast and easy tips and action items that kids and their parents can implement immediately to improve their money skills.

“Learning how to make, manage, and respect your money will have a large impact on the quality of the life you lead,” says Patti. “As a single mom of a teenager, I wanted to pass down to my son the good advice my parents gave me about money and what I’ve learned from working in various financial fields for 25 years. If something ever happened to me, I wanted to protect him with a good, solid education so that he is prepared for whatever the world throws at him. Today’s struggles are a great tool to show how good planning can help families get through tough financial times.”

In addition to her f*ree video series, Patti also offers an innovative DVD curriculum in a two-volume set called “The Prosperous Teen” that is perfect if you are ready to boost your family’s money management knowledge and skills. It covers diverse topics such as:

  • Spending & Saving Habits
  • Emotional & Peer Pressure Purchases
  • Needs vs. Wants
  • Debit/Credit Cards
  • Compounding Interest
  • Introduction to Credit Scores
  • How To Write a Check & Balance a Checkbook
  • 3 Paths to Financial Freedom & the Mindset of the Wealthy
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Ownership
  • Purchasing/Owning Real Estate
  • Investing in Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds
  • Importance of Giving Back
  • And so much more!

Patti also has a new book “How to Ditch Your Allowance and Be Richer than Your Parents! 9 Wealth Building Tools to make a Teen Rich” – and you can order it now at her website as well.

All of Patti’s products come with a 100% money-back guarantee – so this is a risk-free investment.

Subscribe to Patti’s FREE publication “The Money Minute for Teens,” and learn more about her programs or purchase them at her website today by clicking on this link:

Diane Flynn Keith ClickSchooling

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Sites for Kids & Teens Who Love To Dance!

September 25th, 2004

Recommended Website:
Dance Kids

This website shares information and fun activities about dance for kids 4-9. (However, there is a sister site for teens – and you can scroll to the bottom of this review for info.)

When you get to the site you will meet your hosts, two animated children named — what else? — Fred and Ginger. Click on the door to enter the site. A new page opens with an animated screen. Simply roll your cursor over the pictures to see what’s available or — EVEN BETTER — just click on any picture and a new screen opens. That screen contains a menu at the top of the page from which you can navigate the site and it offers an assortment of activities themed around dance including:

  • Games: Interactive, dance-themed games like word searches and puzzles.
  • Dancing Globe: Learn about dance customs in different countries.
  • Dance Stories: Read stories about a child’s experience in dance school.
  • Dance Gallery: Through photos and brief text examine some of the many forms and styles of dance.

There are quite a few other dance-themed activities as well — and there is even a referral service for parents looking for dance classes for their children.

You say you have a teenager who loves dance? Then do check out the sister-site called It contains information on careers in dance, how to do certain trendy dances like hip-hop, interesting quotes by famous dancers, a quiz to test your knowledge about dance and much more.