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Reading "Between the Lions"

August 4th, 2004

Recommended Website:
Between The Lions: Get Wild About Reading

This award-winning website is a companion learning tool to the PBS Kids program of the same name that is designed to help kids learn to love to read. You do not need to watch the episodes on television in order to utilize the website that contains an archive of 70 stories that were featured on the program, along with games and activities to enhance the learning.

When you get to the site you will see a featured “Story of the Week” that you can click on and get started right away — or you can check out the menu that includes:

  • Stories — The archive of stories that have been featured on the PBS program. Each story includes related games and activities.
  • Games — A nice archive of interactive games to improve reading, spelling, phonics, and grammar skills. You can access them through Flash and Shockwave that you can download for free at the site. They also have games that don’t require plug-ins.
  • Video Clips — Fun video clips from the show you can watch!
  • Lions to Go — Audio and video clips you can download for free to your portable player and enjoy anywhere!
  • Parents and Teachers — In addition to all of the fun activities for kids, you’ll find information for parents and teachers about how to use the programs to encourage and support your children’s reading skills. Don’t miss the “Activities and Resources” tab at the top of this page to find over 200 printable learning tools that include coloring pages, letter and number guides, alphabet cutouts, word and sentence games, memory games, grammar and spelling games, and much more — all for free! The “Find It” tab will take you to a list of resources available on the website; listed by skill, by subject, and by curriculum.