Learn About & View Adorable Zoo Babies!

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It’s Tuesday, June 7, 2022, and time for Science at ClickSchooling!



All grades, with parental supervision

This website has the latest news on animal babies from zoos and aquaria worldwide–and boy are they CUTE!

When you get to the site, you’ll see the featured news story on the most recent birth of a baby animal at a zoo. Then, use the sidebar menu to search for baby animals from aardvarks to zebras. Have you ever seen a baby anteater, eel, or wombat? They’re all here! Click on any critter on the menu and a new page opens featuring pictures, information about the animal, a link to the website of the zoo where the baby was born, and in some cases – you’ll even find videos!

You can also search by zoo – and see the baby animals that were born at your local zoo.


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