Virtually Cruise Historic Route 66!

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It’s Friday, April 1, 2022, and time for a Virtual Field Trip at ClickSchooling!

Roadside Peek: Learn History & Get Your Kicks on Route 66


Grades 5 & up, with parental supervision

One of the great things about a summer road trip is seeing the landscape that reflects our culture through the architecture and signage along the way.

At this website, you can take a virtual journey along old routes and highways (through photographs and text) to see the long-gone, but not forgotten drive-in restaurants, gas stations, motels, neon signs, and tourist traps of the 1950s-1970s.

Many are the roadside haunts of your parents and grandparents – so, ask them to take this nostalgic online tour with you, and I’ll bet they’ll provide some personal and historical perspective for your whole family.

When you get to the site use the menu to explore:

  • Architecture – See examples of Art Deco, Googie (space-age architecture), Tiki Villages and more.
  • Auto Alley – Visit vintage auto showrooms, gas stations, and car washes.
  • Eateries – Check out the burger joints, coffee shops, diners, and hot dog stands of bygone eras – often shaped like the food they served!
  • Entertainment – Explore bowling alleys, drive-in theaters, and skating rinks of yesteryear.
  • Neon – Be dazzled by the neon lights advertising motels, theaters, eateries, and more.
  • Road Icons – Discover roadside attractions that include giant cows, artichokes, and dinosaurs, as well as legendary folk heroes.

You can even explore these memorable roadside stops by regions including the East, Great Plains, Midwest, Rocky Mountains, Pacific Northwest, and the Southwest.

If this makes you want to hop in the car and find your own roadside treasures, be sure to check out for an online guide to offbeat tourist attractions.

And don’t forget to take along my book, Carschooling, to entertain the family between roadside attractions.


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