Biology Videos That Make Sense!

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Grades 7-adult, with parental supervision

Some of the videos contain adult topics. See note below. Parents should preview the site and supervise Internet access.) This is a YouTube channel where AsapSCIENCE offers free, short, entertaining videos that explain biological concepts. Created by two biologists, a new video is posted weekly and engages viewers with fast-paced and informative explanations accompanied by lots of entertaining and colorful illustrations.

When you get to the website the current video will launch on the screen. Choose the VIDEO tab to see the menu of archived videos on topics that include:

  • The Science of Love
  • How Your Brain Works
  • Which Came First – The Chicken or the Egg?
  • Zombie Apocalypse Science
  • The Moon Illusion
  • The Creation of Pearls
  • The Science of Superheroes
  • And Many More!

The presentations are designed to be informal and informative. The use of humor and some slang terminology, along with simple diagrams and silly pictures, is intended to make biology seem “cool,” making it more accessible to the general population.

NOTE: There are a number of AsapSCIENCE videos that are geared for older viewers and/or that have controversial topics including drugs, alcohol, hangovers, sex, contraception, bodily functions, etc. Since every parent has different criteria for what is suitable content for any particular age range, PARENTS ARE ADVISED TO PREVIEW THE VIDEOS AND SUPERVISE ALL INTERNET ACCESS.

One more thing…YouTube contains random advertisements, and it allows viewers to post comments (that may contain offensive language). Again, parental supervision is advised. That said, there are plenty of videos in this archive that provide sound scientific explanations of topics that are appropriate for general audiences.


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