Amazing Antarctica!

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Discovering Antarctica


Grades 2-10, with parental supervision

Take an interesting trip discovering Antarctica with this website from the Royal Geographical Society with IBG in partnership with the British Antarctic Survey and the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Using the menu, navigate to the different topics to explore which include:

  • Introducing Antarctica – Imagining Antarctica; What, where, why?

  • Oceans, Atmosphere, Landscape – A changing climate; glaciation; ice, land and sea; atmosphere, weather and climate

  • Ecosystems and Foodwebs – Beneath the waves; Ecosystems

  • Science and Exploration – Journey South; Living in Antarctica Today; Pole to Pole; and more

  • Tourism – Destination Antarctica

  • Challenges – Antarctica Under Pressure; Sustainability; What future for Antarctica?

This is an excellent resource for your geography studies about the continent of Antarctica.


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