Dig Into Aztec History!

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Aztec History


Grades 6-12, with parental supervision

Through text, images, maps, and much more, explore the fascinating history of the Aztecs with this website.

When arriving at the site, use the sidebar menu to navigate through the following areas of study:

  • Aztec Empire
  • Timeline
  • Aztec Religion
  • Family Life
  • Aztec Food
  • Aztec Art
  • Jewelry
  • Calendar Stone
  • Aztec Temples
  • Language
  • Aztec Culture
  • Games
  • Government
  • Weapons
  • Warriors
  • Aztec Map
  • The Fall
  • Montezuma

Visitors will not only review a survey of the rise and fall of the Aztec empire, but will also discover what everyday life may have been like for a family living in Aztec society. Learn about the foods that were eaten, the clothes that were worn, religious beliefs and traditions, games that were played, and what it may have been like to growing up in the social classes of the Aztecs. Explore the fine craft of Aztec jewelry and the influences on their art. Discover the structure of Aztec government, the weapons of warfare, and the significance of being a warrior.

This website provides a simple overview of the Aztec empire that will be a great supplement to your studies.


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