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My Audio School: Audio Literature


The creator of this website is a homeschooling mom of 4 boys. She originally created My Audio School for her dyslexic son, but had such a tremendous response from it that her family had spent a summer quadrupling the content and putting together a professional, user-friendly website. My Audio School is great for children with print disabilities, but all kids can use and enjoy it.

My Audio School is an audio site for children’s educational content. It is set up in such a way that parents can easily find the content they need on educational topics for their kids, and kids can easily use the site.

It is a “freebie” in the sense that over 25% of the content (over 200 full-length audiobook resources and almost 250 additional audio resources) are available for free.

Click this link to access everything that is currently offered for free:

My Audio School offers a wide array of educational audio content in a beautiful, easy to navigate format:

*Unabridged books, organized by title

*Additional materials (poetry selections, kids records, podcasts, video clips, radio theater, etc)

My Audio School puts hundreds of educational audio resources at a parent’s fingertips.

My Audio School was originally created to give dyslexic children access to high-quality literature, but children of all ages and abilities can benefit from the site.

There is a subscription for just ($14.99) that unlocks the full site, which has almost 200 full length, unabridged classic audio books and over 250 additional audio materials. Enter the full site here:

Whether you are homeschooling a special needs child, or just looking to add classic audiobooks to your homeschool curriculum, My Audio School offers something for every home educator.


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