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Toy Theater: Free Interactive Educational Website


Toy Theater is a free educational website with interactive activities in the areas of math, reading, art, music, puzzles, and games. The activities on Toy Theater are designed to apply new media to core curriculum concepts in a way that children will be entertained, engaged, and will absorb the concepts behind the activities

This site offers a multitude of educational activities in various key curriculum areas. Below is a brief taste of what Toy Theater has to offer:


  • Animation Station is a terrific art tool where you can discover the art of animation.
  • Doodle Pad is a fantastic set of virtual crayons.
  • Matisse’s Pieces introduces you to the world of fine artists and gives you the opportunity to create your own collage.


  • Feed Freddy is a fun way to learn symbols, shapes, and patterns.
  • Bowling encourages you to count the pins in groups of ten.
  • Fruit Fall introduces the skill of reading a bar graph.


  • Road Signs is a tool where you can create and print out your own signs.
  • Action Alphabet displays animations highlighting the letter being explored.


  • Composer is an interactive music activity where you can create your own melody.
  • Drum Beats are a high energy group that allows you to create your own percussion show.

In addition, Toy Theater has a large collection of interactive puzzles and games that highlight skills such as memory building, symbol recognition, and just plain having fun. The Playset is a special place you can create your own virtual toy set using cars, planes, plants, insects, buildings, ships, and dinosaurs.


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