Explore an Amazing Geography Resource

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Geographic.com – Geography Resources


All Grades, with parental supervision

An archive of resources for learning about geography. Young children may enjoy aspects of this site with parental assistance.

When you get to the site, use the menu to explore these items:

  • Climate – Learn all about the climate and temperature of different countries, as well as the geological aspects that contribute to the climate
  • Flags – See the colorful flags of every country.
  • Maps – Get maps of the countries of the world, including population maps, world language maps, earthquake maps, time zone maps and more!
  • Countries – Learn about the history, population, geography, economy, transportation, communications, education, religion, government and military in every country. Find out which countries are the “greenest” and the most livable places on earth. (Much of the information at this site is from the CIA’s fact book.)
  • Geology – Explore a glossary of geologic vocabulary words and terms.

You’ll also find convenient country codes and airport codes here too.

Don’t miss reading the publication “Early Childhood: Where Learning Begins – Geography” that provides simple activities and ideas on how to teach geography to young children. The direct link to the publication is:



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