Amazing Guide to Grammar and Writing

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Capital Community College Foundation – Guide to Grammar and Writing


Grades 3-11, with parental supervision

When you get to the site you will see a menu of topics with search buttons below them. Click on the “arrow down” on any search button and you will see a drop-down menu of the amazing range of topics covered in that category as follows:

  • Word & Sentence Level — adjectives, adverbs, nouns, prepositions, pronouns, conjunctions, etc.
  • Paragraph Level — paragraph development, sentence variety, sentence combining, etc.
  • Essay & Research Paper Level — principles of composition, outlining, organization, structure, tone, formatting, plagiarism, etc.
  • Ask Grammar, Quizzes, Search Devices — Take interactive quizzes to test your knowledge of grammar.
  • Peripherals and PowerPoints — instructions, suggestions, resources, and demos for PowerPoint presentations.

Click on any topic in the drop-down menu and a new page opens with instructions delivered through text and illustration. Clear examples of the correct and incorrect forms are provided as well. Interactive quizzes at the end of each lesson allow the student to self-test their knowledge of the subject matter.

This site is equivalent to having a complete English textbook online for free. The interactive element of the quizzes makes this rather dry material much more appealing to students.


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