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File Folder Fun – Social Studies


Grades 1-3, with parental supervision


This site offers free, printable file folder games and activities that help young children learn about topics in Social Studies.

When you get to the site, scroll down to the grade you are interested in and click on the link for the Social Studies related activities. Or to make it easier, we have listed the links below: 

  • First Grade Social Studies – The Oregon Trail, U.S. symbols, Shadow Statues
  • Second Grade Social Studies – National Landmarks, History of the Oregon Trail, continents and oceans
  • Third Grade Social Studies – Founding Fathers matching game

Read the explanation and/or instructions, then download the game/activity you are interested in. There are also skill-building links and supplementary resources.

The activities at this site are for younger children, but older children may enjoy preparing them for their siblings.

(While there are a variety of free file folder activities at this commercial site, there are much more available for sale.)

When you are through exploring the Social Studies activities, check out the Language Arts, Science, and Math activities for grades PreK-3. There is so much at this site, so bookmark it to return often!


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