Learn the Basics of Russian

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Grades 6-12, with parental supervision


This ad-supported website helps lays the foundation for learning Russian.

Use the left-hand menu to select lessons that teach: 

  • Russian alphabet
  • Names of letters
  • Pronunciation: Cons.
  • Pronunciation: Vowels
  • Noun Gender/Number
  • Cases of Nouns
  • Russian Greetings
  • Personal Pronouns
  • 1000 Common Words
  • 500 Russian Verbs
  • Top Russian Nouns

Lessons include an explanation of the topic and most include clickable audio files. There are also some video lessons, tests, and quizzes, and learning games scattered throughout.

Selecting the “Start Learning Russian” under the “Browse Topics” section of the menu will bring up a page with a simple plan that includes links to specific lessons. Also in the “Browse Topics” menu, you will find pages that provide links to other resources and topics such as dictionaries, writing in Russian, folk music, Russian culture, and much more.

This website provides a good starting point for learning Russian.


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