All About Earthquakes

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Earthquakes for Kids


Grades 1-12, with parental supervision


Today’s site, sponsored by the United States Geological Survey (USGS), offers a multi-media exploration of earthquake history, animations, project ideas, and a lot more.

When you get to the site simply use the icon menu to explore: 

  • Science of Earthquakes – Learn why the earth shakes and how quakes are recorded.
  • Earthquake Animations – Watch terrific video animations of Amplification, A Thrust Fault, Foreshocks, and much more!
  • Science Fair Project Ideas
  • Become An Earthquake Scientist – Learn what it takes to be a Geophysicist.
  • Cool Earthquake Facts – Learn fascinating trivia and tidbits about earthquakes.
  • Today in Earthquake History – See a map depicting where earthquakes have occurred. You can also choose a different day.

And more!


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