Math Encyclopedia, Quotes and More

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Platonic Realms

Grades 1-12, with parental supervision

This amazing, ICRA-certified (G-rated) website was produced by a handful of math and math education graduate students in Boulder Creek, CO. There is all kinds of FREE content that is highly accessible to all ages, from kindergarten to university student and beyond!

On this site you will find:

  • Minitexts – Encouraging and helpful articles on such topics as math anxiety, “What is How Many?”, “Writing for a Math Class”, and more.
  • Quotes – A searchable collection of math quotes that can be refined by author, topic, and more.
  • Encyclopedia – Find definitions, examples, and information about all things math. Many of the encyclopedia entries are supplemented by free “prime articles.” Be sure not to miss, for example, Zeno’s Paradox, Fibonacci sequence, and Story problems (how to solve)!


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