An Online School for Weather

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An Online School for Weather


Grades 1-12, with parental supervision

This National Weather Service website with extensive content and free lessons is designed to help everyone learn the science of weather.

When you get to the site you’ll see a satellite picture featuring an aspect of weather somewhere in the world. Read the brief introduction and then use the menu to explore:

  • The Atmosphere – Learn about radio signals, air mass, air pressure, and air flow. Make your own barometer. Find out about Earth’s water cycle.

  • The Ocean – Taste the salinities of various bodies of water around the world. Make homemade ice cream and ocean currents. See the differences in the light and dark sides of the “moon”.

  • Global Weather – Discover the seasons. Calculate the circumference of the earth. Demonstrate that convection is the original source for our wind.

  • Synoptic Meteorology – Learn about types of clouds. Watch rain drops grow by coalescence. Determine the location of cold and warm fronts.

  • Thunderstorms – How much water is in a cloud? Find out about updrafts and the effect on rain and hail. Estimate the size of hail.

  • Lightning – Determine the distance to a lightning strike.

  • Tropical Weather – Learn about the extent of winds in quadrants around a hurricane.

  • And more

Click on any topic and follow the lesson plans in the order they are presented or use the “Lesson Plan Overview” link on the top menu to access a specific area of interest. In that section, there are links to downloads and quizzes as well.

Also, explore the “Topic Matrix” that provides a great view of the topics covered including Doppler radar and much more! 

The information contained in JetStream can be used in the way that suits you best. This is a terrific resource – bookmark it and return often!

Note: We make every effort to recommend websites that have content that is appropriate for general audiences. However, all of ClickSchooling’s recommendations assume that parents will preview the sites for suitable content, and then review the sites together with their children. 


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