Paper Modeling for Art and More

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It’s Saturday, May 23, 2015, and time for Art at ClickSchooling!


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Age Range: 11-Adult (Grades 6-Adult; children with parental supervision)


Enter the world of card modeling (or paper modeling) with the free models available at this website. Using paper to create models is a centuries-old and challenging hobby. With the advent of home computers, internet, and printers, this hobby created increased interest.
At this website, visitors can download files for free, print to card stock, and create their own paper models of: 
  • Airplanes
  • Airships
  • Spacecraft
  • Rockets
  • Buildings
  • Land Vehicles
  • Ships
  • Fictional Items
  • And more.
Each model provides a skill level so that visitors can select those that they find appropriate for their experience. A good paper model to start with would be the Canada Post Letter Box which is a skill level 1/5. Each model page provides a brief description of the subject and a link to see photos of the finished project as well as the downloadable files with instructions and the parts to create your model. Some models include:
  • Skill level 2
    • FMX-4 Facetmobile
    • RVT Re-Usable Rocket
    • World War II Airfield Buildings
    • Eurotunnel Shuttle Locomotive
  • Skill level 3
    • Concorde
    • Graf Zeppelin
    • Cardington Airship Shed
    • Titanic
  • Skill level 4
    • N-1 Rocket Booster
    • Link Trainer

Whether an experienced CAD modeler or just being introduced to the hobby, these free models could add hands-on fun for older students to your history or science studies.


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