Spring Unit Studies and Lesson Plans

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It’s Tuesday, March 18, 2014, and time for Science at ClickSchooling!


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Age Range: All (with parental supervision)


The first day of spring is Thursday, March 20, and is generally considered to land on the vernal equinox in the northern hemisphere. Spring lasts from the vernal equinox (in March) to the summer solstice (in June). Spice up the learning and make the most of the seasonal change with some spring lessons and activities!
This ad supported website was started in 1996 as a hobby by Jennifer Jensen and then she provided links to teacher resources on the internet. In 1998 she and her husband began to create their own resources and offer them free to teachers and parents. The Teacher’s Corner has continued growing and evolving and has maintained the goal to remain free and provide useful tools for teachers and parents.
When you get to the website, simply scroll down to see the plentiful selection of spring activities to choose from including several excellent science unit studies and lesson plans like these:

Science Unit Studies for various ages – 

  • Plant Seeds of Learning – Learning about scientific classification, plant cell structure, the importance of plants in our history, and the many uses of plants.
  • Weather – Unit includes lesson plans and literature.

Science Lesson Plan for all ages – 

  • Journey North American Robin – You can learn about the journey of the popular bird.

Activities that can be customized for most ages –

  • Kites – Resource for the easiest classroom kites.
  • Spring Word Search – You can create your own or use their word list.
  • Spring Word Scramble – You can create your own or use their word list.
  • Spring Crossword Puzzle – Create your own crossword or use their pre-made word/clue list.
  • Spring Printables – Journal pages and printable coloring pages.

As a bonus, they offer The Teacher’s Corner Resources for spring to help you decorate your walls with spring ideas!

This website, with a wealth of resources and information for teaching all subjects, has something for everyone – from thematic units, seasonal activities, lesson plans for all subjects and much more. Bookmark it and visit often!

Something to note is that the lesson plans and unit studies often offer links to other websites for additional information and ideas. We have not reviewed these other links and sites.

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