Free Genetics Lessons, Experiments, & Worksheets!

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Hi!  It’s Tuesday, May 14, 2013 and time for Science at ClickSchooling!

Recommended Website:

Learn Genetics

Age Range: 10 and up (with parental supervision)

This website, developed by the University of Utah, provides free lessons, experiments, activities, virtual labs, and worksheets designed to provide a basic education in the science of genetics.

When you get to the site, you can get a good introduction to the topics of DNA, genes, protein synthesis, heredity, traits, and life on a cellular level by exploring the “Basics.”  You’ll also see some new features and below it a menu that includes:

*Genetic Technology – Learn about stem cells, gene therapy, cloning, and gene-targeting technology.

*Virtual Labs – Swab your cheek and extract DNA from your cells! Use gel electrophoresis to discover how scientists work with tiny molecules they can’t see.  Perform a DNA microarray experiement to compare a healthy cell and a cancer cell.

*Epigenetics – Find out how factors from the environment alter gene expression.

*The New Science of Addiction – Take a physiologic and molecular look at what causes drug addiction.

*Variation, Selection & Time – Discover what molecular genetics tells us about natural selection.

*Genetics & Health – Explore the “Genetic Disorders Llibrary,” examine your family health history, and find out how medical treatment can be custom-fit to your genome.

You can also learn about the ecology of Utah’s Great Salt Lake and explore an archive of fascinating presentations on RNA, finding a gene on the chromosome map, mutations and genetic disorders, biological warfare, and much more.

Be sure to click on “Teacher’s Resources” located in the top, right corner of the home page. It will open the “Teach Genetics” website where you’ll find additional tools and resources for learning about genetics, bioscience, and health. There are free classroom activities and take-home activities to teach heritable traits, and you’ll find an extensive “Print-And-Go Lesson Plan Index.”  While this is designed for classroom use, it can be tweaked for the homeschool environment.



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