Free Valentine Math Activities!

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Hi!  It’s Monday, February 11, 2013 and time for Math at ClickSchooling!

Valentine’s Day is Thursday!  Here are some Valentine’s Day Math Activities:

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Age Range: Varies (Grades K-8 approximately, with parental supervision)

Conversation Candy Hearts Math

You’ll need a box of conversation candy hearts to use this classroom activity for learning estimation, sorting, counting, addition, and graphing. At the top of the page it says this activity is for grades 8-9, but they mean ages 8-9, or about grades 2-4. This activity can be easiliy tweaked for younger children as well.

Valentine’s Day Word Problems

Word problems about the cost of candy and Valentine’s Gifts. About grades 3-5.

GoogolPower’s How To Calculate the Area of a Heart 

A terrific lesson presentation (in a downloadable pdf) on how to calculate the area of a heart shape. About grades 6-8.

Free Heart-Shaped Multiplication Flash Cards 

 Print and cut out this free set of heart-shaped flash cards to practice the times tables. Grades 3-5, approximately.

Printable Valentine Dominoes 

Dominoes are great tools to help with learning math in grades K-6. Print out this set and then use them to play Domino Math. CLICK HERE to get instructions.


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