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Hi! It’s Thursday, November 29, 2012 and time for Social Sciences at ClickSchooling!

Recommended Website:

Age Range: 5-18 (Grades K-12, with parental supervision)

I just learned about this non-profit, NON-PARTISAN organization that provides teachers, educators, and homeschoolers with engaging educational videos and materials “to teach the next generation about the ideas, institutions, and benefits of a free society” and foster understanding and support for the foundational ideas of the U.S. republic, such as individual liberty, personal responsibility, and equality before the law.

The site offers a FREE membership program that includes a daily current events newsletter (with two lessons) and provides members with one free educational video (selected from the extensive video catalog) each year. You must register to receive the freebies. There is no shipping or handling charge to get the free DVD, they only require that you provide feedback via their online form.

This site also has a subscription membership that allows members to receive multiple free videos each year and access to “Current Events Lessons” that are archived at the website. But again, you don’t have to purchase a thing to get one free video each year, and the free newsletter with current events lessons and discussion questions.

The videos available at this website promote thoughtful discussion and respectful debate about issues and events to help young people become independent-minded, fully engaged citizens. As explained at the site:

“We ask students to think about the role of government and the importance of voluntary associations in promoting human flourishing. Students gain a greater appreciation for how a free society with a strong rule of law enables a diverse people to coexist, cooperate, and prosper.

“We encourage a healthy skepticism about authoritative claims, so that students learn to seek out evidence rather than accept assertions. In this way, young people develop the ability to use reason and common sense to evaluate the information they will encounter throughout their lives.”

Once you register, you can select a free Social Sciences video from their catalog that includes the following categories:

  • U.S. History & Government
  • World History & Geography
  • Business
  • Economics

BONUS! You’ll also find videos covering Health/Physical Education, Language Arts, Math, Music/Art, and Science/Technology that are aligned with common core educational standards.


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