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Hi!  It’s Thursday, September 20, 2012 and time for Social Sciences at ClickSchooling!

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Age Range: 11 and up (approximately, with parental supervision)

I received an announcement from the Heritage Foundation (a non-profit, conservative research organization) about a new tool for homeschoolers – a free online guide to the constitution complete with a “Teacher’s Companion.”  The guide is designed to be user-friendly, comprehensive, searchable, and contains free lesson plans for students.  It provides a clause-by-clause examination of the Constitution and explains each clause’s interpretation over the years. It includes exercises and quizzes to facilitate understanding of the Constitution’s main concepts.

When you get to the site, you can jump right in, or explore the menu to learn more about this tool. If you prefer to follow an organized guide, click on “Teacher’s Companion” on the menu to explore:  

  • The Legislature
  • The Executive Branch
  • The Judicial Branch, Courts, and Judges
  • The Constitution, Federalism, and the States
  • Amendments and the Bill of Rights
  • Slavery and the Constitution

This resource is completely free and doesn’t require any sort of sign up.



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