Interactive Orchestra, Composers, & More (CSAW)

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Hi!  It’s Saturday, August 28, 2010 and time for Music at ClickSchooling!

Recommended Website:

Age Range: 5-18 (elementary through high school approximately)

Chris in Virginia recommended this treasure that offers a vast selection of free interactive games and activities to encourage music appreciation and skill in young people of all ages.

Not only can kids and students explore the history of orchestral and classical music, but they can play interactive games that teach and inspire as they entertain. Watch videos and listen to clips of orchestral music, get to know composers, print out lessons and activities in pdf files and much more.

When you get to the site you’ll see a welcome message, some featured activities, and a menu that includes:

*Music Resources – Access music recordings, video clips, and a handy music dictionary. There is advice for students, teachers, and parents too.

*Instrument Lab – Virtually “handle” orchestral instruments through this interactive program and listen to what it sounds like. Discover all four instrument families: strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion.

*Great Composers – Take a virtual field trip to another country and time as you learn about the lives of great classical and contemporary composers including Beethoven, Gershwin, Vivaldi, Stravinsky, Adams, Marquez, and more.

*Activities & Games – Create your own musical score, test your knowledge of composers, and name the instruments of the orchestra.  Download sheet music (for recorder or piano) and play along to pieces by Vivaldi, Schubert and Mozart!

There is so much content here that you’ll need to visit several times to explore it all.

Not only that, but if you use the menu at the very top of the page, you can explore other performing arts in a similar interactive style including:

  • English Theater
  • French Theater
  • Dance
  • Costume Design
  • Graphic Arts 

Like I said, bookmark this site which has earned a ClickSchooling Award (CSAW) for excellence – you’ll want to return again and again! 


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