“Wild Music”

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Hi! It’s Saturday, February 27, 2010 and time for Music at ClickSchooling!

Recommended Website:

Age Range: All (Younger children and non-readers will need assistance.)

ClickScholar Michael recommended this really fun website that is a companion to a traveling exhibition about the “Sounds and Songs of Life” (currently in Wichita, Kansas through April 25, 2010). It offers free, interactive, virtual exhibits where you can learn the science behind how animals and people make sound and music.

When you get to the site you can click “Play” to hear musical “compositions” created from sounds in nature. You’ll also see a menu of items that include:

*Soundscapes – Use archived recordings of animals, humans, wind, and water to create your own sound compositions. Adjust the results with a virtual sound mixer. Explore maps of sounds that were recorded all over the planet.

*Animal – Listen to different animal sounds and bird songs; then test your memory with a sound match game.

*About Sound – Discover what researchers have learned about sound frequency, wavelengths, voice boxes, and more. Play a game to see if you can hear as well as a baby. Take a test to see how your hearing compares to that of animals. Get instruction to make your own Pan Pipes, bell bracelet, and maracas!

You can also take a virtual photographic tour of the exhibit, and meet the scientists and musicians behind the exhibit through video clips, photos, and text.


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