Penguin Science!

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The following sites are all about penguins. The “Penguin Science” site is geared for students in grades 6-12, and “Penguins Around the World” is for students in grades 2-5. Both sites have aspects that will appeal to students of all ages – including preschoolers. :)

Recommended Website:
Penguin Science

ClickScholar MC recommended this terrific, multi-media website about Antarctic penguins and how they are adjusting, or not, to changes in their habitat brought by climate change. You’ll find an array of science activities and fascinating videos to help students learn about penguin life, history and their relationship to the ecosystem.

When you get to the site, you’ll see a brief introduction. Use the menu bar at the top of the page that includes research information as well as:

  • Education – Enjoy a variety of classroom activities that can be tweaked for use at home to explore nesting, habitat, adaptation, sounds of a penguin colony, etc. You can even make a penguin flag and/or a penguin cartoon.
  • Penguin Cam – Located at Cape Royds on Ross Island in Antarctica, this Penguin Cam worked inconsistently for me when I visited the website. No worries, though. You can get plenty of educational penguin action and drama from the video webisodes.

Want to learn more about penguins? ClickScholar Cie Buschle recommends this website:

Penguins Around The World

Age Range: 7-10 (Grades 2-5)

Cie wrote, “My ten-year-old daughter loves science and animals and thought this was a great site for learning about penguins. You can find out fun facts, learn about penguin habitats, enjoy lesson plans, learning activities, and even go on a treasure hunt. Then, quiz yourself after you’ve played!”



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