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Recommended Website:
CNN Student News

Age Range 11-18 (Geared for Middle School and High School)

CNN sponsors this website that features a version of today’s headline-making news stories just for students. Students can watch the free video newscasts on current topics and listen to an editorial on “why it matters.” The site provides free resources, materials, and activities to further learning about current events, social studies, and history as well.

When you get to the site, a video about a current news story will launch. (Be sure to turn on your speakers, and use the control buttons below the video display to pause/play as needed.) Then, use the menu below the video screen to explore these offerings:

  • In The Spotlight — Links to online articles about other current news stories.
  • Quick Guide & Transcripts – Links to the featured news videos from the past 5 days, as well as transcripts.
  • Ten Questions & News Quiz — Take a quiz to see what you retain from the news stories you watched/read at the site.
  • Learning Activities — These are designed for classroom use to further learning and discussion about current topics in the news such as Swine Flu, Earth Day, Earthquakes, Women’s History, etc.
  • One Sheets — A one-page brief synopsis of facts about a particular news topic such as Daylight Savings Time, Black History Month, and Presidential Inaugurations.
  • Maps — Maps of countries in the news such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Great Barrier Reef, Africa, Asia, Australia, etc.

You can also sign up to receive via email the “CNN Student News Daily Education Alert” that notifies you of the top stories featured on CNN’s Student News. Just click on the “Daily Newsletter” icon next to the menu to subscribe.


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