Welcome To The Bad Credit Hotel

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Recommended Website:
The Bad Credit Hotel

Age Range: 11 and Up (Approximately. Those new to matters of credit may need assistance with terminology. There are a couple of subtle references and puns made that are geared for a more mature audience. Parents, as always, should preview this site to determine suitability of content.)

A HUGE thank you to ClickScholar Nancy Hogan who recommended this website sponsored by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to help you learn the basics of good credit. Nancy wrote, “My kids are loving it!”

The slightly spooky introduction at the website explains, “Welcome to The Bad Credit Hotel. A place where folks come to enlighten the murkier areas of their credit know-how. Some have come face-to-face with unnerving credit circumstances. Others come here seeking knowledge.”

When you get to the site you can play the interactive game or use the “Hotel Directory” to access the information at the site that includes:

  • Debt Management — Get good advice about managing your debt.
  • Credit History — Learn why your credit history determines your financial trustworthiness.
  • Credit Cards — Find out about annual percentage rates, grace periods, and why you should read the fine print when you apply for and use a credit card.

You’ll also want to see “Room 850” (the room number refers to the perfect credit score). The only way to reach this room is to play and win the game.

Read the instructions and rules, and then have fun exploring the lobby, library, and other hotel features. You’ll meet guests and learn about contacting creditors, debt collectors, bankruptcy, credit reports, credit scores, credit counseling, and more. Use a budget calculator and try your hand at reconciling income and expenses. Collect inventory as you read the information and do the exercises that will eventually allow you to enter Room 850 and the realm of the perfect credit score!

This is a fun and engaging way to learn about financial responsibility and the importance of maintaining good credit.


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