Virtual Field Trip to Rainforest

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Recommended Website:
Rainforest: Virtual Tour

Age Range: 5 and up (designed with young virtual travelers in mind)

This website presents a virtual tour of a tropical rainforest in Nicaragua and the biodiversity within it. When you get to the site, just follow the instructions to click your way through the slide show and read simple text to learn about:

  • The people who live in the rainforest
  • Trees with roots that grow above the ground, unusual flowers, fascinating seeds
  • Toucans, Howler Monkeys, Trap-jaw Ants, Poison Dart Frogs, Bats, Peanut-head Bugs, and Crocodiles

The last side invites you to learn how purchasing wood products from rainforests can lead to either deforestation or preservation. You’ll learn how to tell the difference.

When you are through with this tour, continue the journey by taking another virtual tour.

A new page opens with a picture of the same rainforest. Roll your cursor over the picture to see images that pop out of the picture. While many of the images are similar to the first virtual tour, the explanations are a little more in depth.



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