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Please excuse this interruption in our regular ClickSchooling Messages. There are 2 messages in this email so be sure to read all the way through to take advantage of these opportunities…

My friend, Rebecca Kochenderfer, is the Senior Editor of As some of you know, she occasionally holds FREE live teleseminars on topics of interest to homeschool families. On February 19th, she will be interviewing the new darlings of pop culture and homeschoolers extraordinaire – The Jonas Brothers! You are invited to listen in on the call. She asked me to forward this message to all of you…

“I thought you might like to know that next week will be doing an exclusive interview with THE JONAS BROTHERS!

I asked the Jonas Brother’s family how we, as fellow homeschoolers, could best support them. They said that the most helpful thing we could do would be to go see their movie the first weekend it comes out &emdash; the weekend of February 27th. I didn’t know this, but theaters order movies based on opening weekend ticket sales. So if a lot of us go to see The Jonas Brother’s Movie that first weekend, then more theaters will pick up their movie. Spread the word! Make a party of it!

The Jonas Brothers and their whole family are dedicated homeschoolers and have offered to do a special exclusive interview just for homeschoolers on February 19th at 11:00 Pacific (12:00 mountain, 1:00 central, 2:00 eastern.)

As you can imagine, the Brothers are extremely busy right now having just performed at the Grammy’s and getting ready to launch their new movie, so they will be available only for about the first 10 minutes of the interview. Then we will have 20 minutes to speak with Mrs. Jonas, their mother, to find out more details about how and why they homeschooled and some personal details about the Brother’s life. So moms and dads, you’ll want to listen in on this interview too.

To listen to the show from your computer, go here:

2) To listen to recordings of past shows, go here:

Remember, this interview is just for homeschooling families. So tape this up on the wall somewhere so that you don’t forget &emdash; February 19th.”


Rebecca recently published the book, “Homeschooling And Loving It!” It is one of my all-time favorites, and I think every homeschool family should add it to their resource library. I highly recommend it not only for beginning homeschoolers, but for veterans too. The info on goal setting can really motivate you and your children to accomplish your hearts’ desire. Here are the details…


    This is Rebecca Kochenderfer from

    To order the book go to:

    The is the method of homeschooling I used with my own children and it has worked very well for us – my daughter received a large scholarship to a high school for the performing arts and my son just received honors-at-entrance to the university of his choice.

    The Homeschool Buyer’s Co-Op just forwarded this unsolicited testimonial:

    The New Offering – HOMESCHOOLING AND LOVING IT – we bought this about a year ago and did the seminar thru BlogTalk Radio. It was GREAT – the most important thing I learned was to ask the kids WHAT DID THEY WANT TO LEARN – what were THEIR goals. GREAT book!” – Darlene


      Enjoy these opportunities!


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