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********* A Holiday Curriculum! **********

I hope you enjoyed the Thanksgiving break! The Christmas and holiday season have begun. There is a richness of knowledge to be gleaned from the season’s amusements. With that in mind, I’ve taken traditional holiday fare and created a “course-of-study” that will not only satisfy national curriculum standards (so you can relax), but will also let you enjoy this magical time of year with your family. Enjoy my gift to you…

A Holiday Curriculum!


Recommended Website:
Woodland Schools: Online Interactive World Advent Calendar

Age Range: All

Advent calendars help young children practice counting skills. At this United Kingdom website you can access a free, interactive, educational Advent Calendar that not only facilitates the countdown to Christmas — it provides information on how Christmas is celebrated in countries worldwide. Math and social studies are combined here in an engaging presentation the whole family is sure to enjoy.

When you get to the site, you’ll see a brief introduction. Scroll down to the calendar and click on December 1st. A new page opens that begins an exploration of how Christmas is celebrated in….well, you’ll have to visit the site to find out! :)

Be sure to follow the instructions, answer the questions, and click on the links throughout the presentation to experience the full scope of what is offered here.

Then, bookmark the site so you can return to it tomorrow to see what’s behind “December 2nd” on the calendar. That’s right — you can’t peek ahead. You have to return daily to see what the calendar unfolds.

Oh, and don’t miss the menu on the left side of the screen where you can learn all kinds of facts and trivia about Christmas traditions and customs.


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