Virtual Field Trip to a Turkey Farm

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Recommended Website:
Norbest: Virtual Turkey Tour

Age Range: 9 and up (Younger children may enjoy some of the pictures.)

(NOTE: While this virtual tour is presented with discernment, some children and adults may be sensitive to the content. Parents AS ALWAYS should preview the site to determine suitability.)

At this website you can virtually visit free range and cage free turkey farms and tour the Norbest turkey processing plant. When you get to the site you will see an index of the stages of the tour. Simply click on the first item, and then click on the arrows at the bottom of each page to take the entire tour in sequential order that includes:

  • It All Starts With The Breeder Stock
  • Turkey Hatchery
  • Brooders For Poults
  • Growout Operations
  • Free Range Turkeys On The Farm
  • Turkey Doo??
  • Turkey Terminology
  • Feeding Turkeys
  • Turkey Processing Plant

Through photographs and descriptive text, you’ll learn about live turkeys, how they are raised on the farm, and how they are processed for Thanksgiving dinner.

When you are through with the tour, visit the Fun and Games page to take a turkey quiz, get a turkey coloring page, a printable activity for a decorative craft, and read the first “Thanksgiving Proclamation.”


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