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Recommended Website:
The Fabulous Songbook

Age Range: All Ages (Non-readers require adult assistance; as always, adults should preview content before sharing with children.)

This website offers a terrific, free songbook. Don’t let the lackluster look of the website deceive you – because as free online songbooks go, this one is delightfully useful for parents, teachers, and youth group leaders.

When you get to the site you’ll see a lot of introductory text. Scroll below it to the songbook menu where you’ll find an amazing variety of choices that include:

  • Ballads
  • Blues & Standards
  • Call & Response
  • Campfire Songs
  • Circle Games
  • Classic Kids Songs
  • Foreign Songs
  • Gospel Tunes
  • Guitar Instrumentals
  • Hand Games
  • Holiday Songs
  • Lullabies & Graces
  • Motion Songs
  • On And On Songs
  • Part Songs & Rounds
  • Patriotic Songs
  • Protest, Political, & Social Commentary Songs
  • Sea Shanties & Pub Songs
  • Silly Songs
  • Singalongs
  • U.S. Folk Songs

There are even songs By Indie Artists and Metal, Hard, Grunge & Progressive Rock groups. (Again, parental discretion advised.)

The songs, many of which were collected by the author for use with her Girl Scout group, are categorized by type as well as by first line. For example, some are “Make ’em Up” – which would be the ones that you make up as you go along, such as “Down By the Bay.” Others are activity games, such as “London Bridge is Falling Down,” which are fun to play with a group of children. Then you have “Call and Response,” wherein a person or group repeats after a caller, such as “Are You Sleeping” or “Bear in the Woods.”

Not all songs include activities, mp3’s, sheet music, or even chords, but there’s something for everyone here. Many of the songs are well-known enough that just the lyrics may suffice. The songbook is “completed,” but it has also been updated recently, and suggestions for additions/improvement are still welcomed.

Enjoy! :)


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