Virtual Field Trip To Recycling Facility

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Recommended Website:
Maryland Recycling Center: Online Tour

Ages: 6 and up (approximately)

ClickSchooler Helen in Salinas recommended this website that provides a short virtual online tour of a recycling center in Montgomery County, Maryland.

When you get to the site you’ll see the title, “Recyling Center: Online Tour.” Below it is a menu set up like file tabs. Click on each tab to take the photo tour of the center, complete with explanatory text. The short tour includes:

  • Tipping Floor – See how recycling trucks unload their cargo of bottles, cans, plastic containers, cardboard and paper.
  • Pre-Sort Station – Check out the tools used to sort trash and recyclable items including electromagnets, vibrating screens, air classifiers and more!
  • Light Item Sorting – Learn how plastic and aluminum are flattened for sorting and storage.
  • The Blower System – Discover how air pressure is used to move plastic into storage chutes.
  • and more!

If this tour of a real recycling facility interests your kids, they may enjoy another virtual field trip to….

Recycle City

The Environmental Protection Agency sponsors this site where kids can see how the people of fictional “Dumptown” became recycling savvy. Learn more than you ever wanted to know about recycling. :)


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