Terrific Art Lessons & Activities for Ages 5-17

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Recommended Website:
National Gallery for America’s Young Artists

Age Range: 5-18 and beyond (Grade Range K-12)

ClickSchooling subscriber Suzi suggested this website as worthy of a review – and I agree! It features a variety of FREE interactive art activities to engage the budding Pollock, O’Keefe, Rodin, or Frank Lloyd Wright in your home.

When you get to the site you’ll see a menu featuring three main sections as follows:

  • Free Art Sites: Experiential – Click on any one of 5 links that will open to a multi-media, fun art activity you can try such as ArtZone, ArtPad Painter, Jackson Pollock, Interactive Color Wheel, and Architect Studio 3D. Virtually draw, color, paint, build, and experiment with color and design online. Suzi wrote, “I think ‘Architect Studio 3D’ is great for the budding architect. Based on the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, it incorporates his philosophies and has a good balance of learning and fun. My son is constantly creating 3D buildings with construction paper and enjoys playing at this site, since it easier to use than his Home Architect software.”
  • Interactive Activities About Art – This collection of fun activities provides multi-media lessons in art history as well as art media and technique. Learn about color symbolism, how to make prints, bronze casting, take a tour of the Vatican artwork, find out what’s in an artist’s toolkit, and learn all about cave art.
  • Online Art Galleries – Explore other online art galleries by clicking on links to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the British Museum, the National Museum of African Art, Native American Art, and a great online exhibit about myths and legends in art. All of these galleries use multi-media to enhance art education.

You could design an entire art curriculum around the information and activities archived here. Be sure to bookmark it to return often.


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