Fun Periodic Table of Videos!

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Periodic Table of Videos

Age Range: 8 and up (Okay, while this site is probably designed for middle school, high school, and beyond, younger children will enjoy seeing some of the experiments. Plus, I’ve found that little kids lap up information about the Periodic Table, so don’t be shy about introducing them to it. )

What a find! ClickScholar® Vicki McGrady from Perth, Western Australia recommended this site. She wrote,

“My husband just showed me this website that teaches the periodic table. When you click on an element on the periodic table, it plays a video showing educational experiments and explanations about that element. It is put on by the University of Nottingham.”

This is so much fun! Each video is short (2-4 minutes) and provides basic information about the featured element, it’s history, and how it is used. You can tell the chemists, who narrate while demonstrating experiments with the various elements, love what they do!

When you get to the site you’ll see the Periodic Table. You can just click on any element to get started – or you can watch the introduction first (the link is located below the Periodic Table) on the right side of the screen.

If you just want to dive right in, consider starting with Lithium (Li). It’s very reactive in water and the clip is fun to watch. Then try Hydrogen (H) or Helium (He) to see a big bang! (Careful – kids may be tempted to try this at home, so parental guidance and safety discussions are required.) The Phosphorus (P) video will really amaze your kids when they learn there’s about a pound of this reactive element in their bodies!

The scientists in the lab have a lot fun demonstrating the properties of the elements – and their antics with beakers, Bunsen burners, and bloopers are narrated by mild-mannered professor Martyn Poliakoff who has wonderful, wild, Einstein-ish hair! Some of his descriptions are hilarious – such as when he describes what can be done with Nitrogen (N). (Preview it, as it might alarm younger children.)

Note: I didn’t watch all of the videos. Therefore, parents AS ALWAYS should preview the videos BEFORE showing them to children to determine suitability of content.

The Periodic Table of Videos is educational, fun, and not to be missed! This site gets a ClickSchooling® Award for Excellence!

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