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Recommended Website:
The Easy Essay

Age Range: 8-80 (elementary to post graduate and beyond)

This website offers a FREE automated expository essay program that “can teach almost anyone how to organize an essay in 5 minutes” and is ideal for helping students learn to write essays and prepare for essay exams. It’s an ingenious way to help organize your thoughts so that you can write a decent essay.

As the website explains,

“Our concept is based on our belief that in most conversations, the majority of the conversation deals with one person telling the other person why something is true; that is, giving reasons for its validity. That is all that we ask you to do on this site, except in writing. We use the essay form because it is the most efficient form of organization available and we automate the organization so that you limit your statements to proving only the things that you have already stated were true.”

When you get to the site you can try a free demo. Once you’re hooked and want to continue, you must register to use the site. Registration is FREE and allows you to work at your own pace, saving and editing the essays that you create. When your “Easy Essay” is complete, you can print it or save it to your own computer.

If you want to write a longer paper, the program can automatically expand into a 17 paragraph thesis. This program is also usable in any language.

(Note: With regard to Registration, there is a privacy policy, but it’s a little vague. Proceed at your own risk.)

I enjoyed test-driving this program, and think many of you will too. Plus, you gotta love their philosophy:

“We are aware of how hard teachers have tried to teach students to write essays. We applaud their efforts; however we are also aware of the dismal results. So, we are offering this as a free service so that everyone can take advantage of its simplicity and go on and put their time and energy to a greater and better good.”

Donations to Unicef and Red Cross are encouraged at the site. :)


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