The History of Indigenous Australia

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Recommended Website:
Indigenous Australia

Age Range: 8 and up (Parents, as always, should preview material to determine suitability of content.)

This is a terrific, interactive website that explores the history of Australia through its indigenous cultures and their rich tradition of storytelling.

When you get to the site you’ll see a welcome message and a menu that includes:

  • About Indigenous Australia – Get information on Australia’s cultural heritage along with a timeline from pre-1500 through 2000.
  • For Students – Find out how to navigate this website and check out the factsheets with links to additional multi-media resources.
  • Indigenous Australia Virtual Tour – Take a virtual tour of the Australian Museum’s galleries that feature artifacts of indigenous people. (There is also a gallery devoted to Chinese dinosaurs!)
  • Stories of the Dreaming – THIS IS THE BEST PART! Click on this and a new page opens with a brief explanation of what you will find. Then, click on “Story List” to open a menu featuring 20 folktales from the cultures of Indigenous Australians. The stories are available in text, audio, and video formats! As explained at the site, these stories and legends have been handed down in the oral tradition since the beginning of time, since the “Dreamtime.”


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