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I received an email from OpenRoad.TV, “The Traveler’s Video Guide to the American West.” They suggested that their free, educational online videos would be very useful for ClickScholars – especially those looking for real time and virtual field trip ideas. I agree.

OpenRoad.TV was founded by television personality, Doug McConnell, who has been the host of a San Francisco-based television program called “Bay Area Backroads” for the past 15 years. Doug and his camera crew travel to interesting places in the Western U.S. and film engaging stories that educate viewers and inspire them to take a road trip too. McConnell is now putting all of the best video content from “Bay Area Backroads” up on OpenRoad.TV for free, organized geographically as well as by interest category.

When you get to the site, look for 2 menus in the center of the screen:

  • EXPLORE YOUR INTERESTS – Access the videos from specific-interest categories such as:
    • History
    • Landmarks
    • Nature
    • Parks
    • Road Trips
    • Wildlife
    • …and more!
  • EXPLORE THE TERRITORY – Access the videos based on geographic region in the western U.S. such as:
    • Alaska
    • Arizona
    • California
    • Hawaii
    • Nevada
    • Utah
    • Wyoming
    • …and other areas!

Click on any menu item to find links to the respective stories. You can watch the video (be sure to turn on your speakers) and read the video transcript. Some of the really amazing places archived here include:

  • Alaska’s Glacier Bay
  • California’s Gold Country
  • Safari West African Adventure
  • Lassen Volcanic National Park
  • Yosemite National Park

There are over 180 travel videos live on the site now, with more going up every week. Not only that, you can post your own stories along with video or photos! For example, check out:

Gold Country Field Trip – The poster wrote,

“I was lucky enough to be selected as one of the drivers for my 4th grader’s class trip to Gold Country last year, and it was really something. I had never been to Gold Country before, so while this was a learning experience for my son, I learned a lot as well.”

If you decide to post one of your travel adventures – please let ClickSchooling know! :)

This is a terrific website to take many virtual field trips – and to use as a real-time travel guide if you plan on visiting the western U.S.

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