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Recommended Website:
NASA: Space Place

According to “NASA Science News,” amateur astronomers around the globe have reported that Saturn’s rings are rapidly narrowing and will soon be invisible to backyard telescopes. According to the publication,

“…we’re experiencing a ‘ring plane crossing.’ As Saturn goes around the sun, it periodically turns its rings edge-on to Earth-once every 14-to-15 years. Because the rings are so thin, they can actually disappear when viewed through a small telescope. In the months ahead, Saturn’s rings will become thinner and thinner until, on Sept. 4, 2009, they seemingly vanish.”

You can read more here.

That story led to today’s featured website, Space Place, where kids can learn more about Saturn, the solar system, space, and technology.

When you get to the website you’ll notice some featured items in the center and to the right of your screen that include:

  • ClubHouse TV & Space Quiz Show – Watch videos of animated scientists explaining different aspects of space and technology. Then, try your luck as a contestant in a Space Quiz Show!
  • Cool Stuff: Listen to Dr. Marc – Read the archives of Dr. Marc’s answers to kids’ questions about the solar system. Dr. Marc has recorded many of his answers so you can listen to his voice and read along at the same time. Get his answers to questions such as, “If Jupiter and Saturn are gas giants, could you fly straight through them?”
  • What’s New – Try an interesting experiment with gumdrops to learn more about greenhouse gases. Get free printable classroom activities for teachers – some can be tweaked for use at home.

Once you’ve checked out the featured activities, use the menu on the left side of your screen to explore…

  • Games – Try your hand at 25 different interactive games designed to help kids learn more about space and technology while having fun.
  • Projects – Get free instructions for 24 different science projects kids can do at home. Make your own Momentum Machine or Asteroid Potatoes, and turn an old CD into a model of Saturn and its rings.
  • Animations – Watch animations that explain how things in the world work such as how we talk to faraway spacecraft.
  • Cool Subjects – Learn about planets, galaxies, and laws of the universe!
  • Amazing Facts – Discover over 30 fun facts about the Earth, space and technology.

There is lots of great content here, so bookmark the site as it will require several visits to see it all.


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