Movies for Developing Math Skills!

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Recommended Website:
Countdown: Using Quicktime Movies to Develop Math Skills

This website is a companion to the COUNTDOWN cable television program in Chicago that teaches math to students as they watch TV. COUNTDOWN was developed by Dr. Diane Schiller through Loyola University’s School of Education. As the website explains:

“Each week the program introduces a different math concept through direct instruction and reinforces lessons with literature, manipulatives, activities and related computer instruction. Student viewers are encouraged to call a televised phone number to participate in the show by responding to challenges presented by the on-air educators.”

There have been 300 different COUNTDOWN programs broadcast and many are archived at this website. Your students can explore math topics from simple numbers and operations through Algebra, Geometry, and Data Analysis.

When you get to the site read the introduction. Then, click on the “Content Index” on the horizontal menu bar at the top of your screen to see the “A to Z” alphabetical index of topics covered from Acute Angles to Zero (as an exponent). Click on the topic you want to learn about and watch the movie. It’s as easy as that.

The COUNTDOWN videos archived at the site allow students to engage in math challenges “without the distraction and pressure of fellow classmates but with the benefit of parental involvement at home.” :)

This is a great resource to utilize for math instruction and remediation.


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