Free Science Curriculum from Museum of Vision!

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Recommended Website:
Museum of Vision: Educational Resources

Age Range: 9-11 (The curriculum was designed for grades 4-6, but aspects will appeal to older students. Younger children may enjoy portions with a little help from mom or dad.)

This website is sponsored by the Museum of Vision that has helped educate people of all ages about the eye, vision, and the history of eye care for 28 years. I received the following message which describes what you’ll find at the site:

“I am the Director of the Museum of Vision, an educational program affiliated with the American Academy of Ophthalmology. The Museum of Vision has published on its website 3 curriculum guides which focus on the human eye, perspective and how the brain processes images like optical illusions and 3-D.”

When you get to the site you’ll see the 3 guides that are in pdf files:

  1. Eye Openers — Describes the basic concepts of vision, anatomy of the eye, optical illusions, binocular vision, etc.
  2. Art and Vision — Describes how artists create the illusion of 3-dimensions by exploring the basic concepts of vision, size scaling, overlapping, atmospheric perspective and linear perspective.
  3. Animal Eyes — The animal kingdom is full of amazing eyes. Discover eyes that look like yours, and eyes that are wildly different. Join scientists on their exciting quest to understand how animals actually see.

Click on any one and the pdf file opens to reveal a well-formatted education guide with interesting text and colorful photos and illustrations. You can review it online or print it out to use offline. Every guide provides interesting discussion points and fun interactive activities.

In addition to the free guides, this website houses online exhibits. From the menu on the left side of your screen, under “Ophthalmic Heritage & Museum of Vision,” click on “Exhibits.” A new page opens. Look for the words “Online Exhibits” and click. A new page opens with a menu of online exhibits to explore.


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