Fun Geography IQ Challenge!

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Recommended Website:
TravelPod: Traveler IQ Challenge

Age Range: 9 and up (non-readers will need assistance)

ClickSchooling list member Diana Hampton suggested this website that offers a series of fun, “Traveler IQ Challenges” that will help you learn where cities and countries are located on a world map and much more.

When you get to the site you can launch the featured game. You’ll see a world map. Then a pop-up window flashes names of cities and countries. Your job is to click the correct location on the map. As you find items you accumulate points. You must reach a certain level of points before your time runs out. If you do, you advance to the next level. There are a variety of
levels from easy to hard.

One helpful aspect is that when you click on the map, a red flag shows the
location you selected, and a green flag shows the correct location. There is
a tally tote that keeps track of your score and provides remarks such as,
“You rock” when you choose correctly, and conversely, “Hello? Are you from

In addition to the featured “World” game, you can try other challenges.
Simply scroll below the map and look for the words “Other Challenges.”
There you’ll find a menu of geography games that include:

  • Asia
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • USA Challenge
  • Latin America
  • Canada
  • Oceania/Australasia
  • UNESCO Sites

Not only that, you can play:

  • Flags of the World – match the flag to the correct country on a map
  • Photos of the World – match photos of famous landmarks to the correct country
  • Amazing Race – match an assortment of flags, photos, landmarks, etc., to the correct country

NOTE: This is a commercial travel website. I only reviewed this one game section of the site. Parents, as always, should preview and assist their children in using this site.


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