Snowflake Art!

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This is the final installment in our Holiday Theme…

Recommended Website:
Dave’s Snowflake Page

Are you a fan of paper snowflakes? Have you ever shown your children how to make them? Would you like to teach them how to make them? If so, visit this
website recommended by ClickSchooling list member Olena Fitza. She wrote:

“I love, love, LOVE this site. Dave has 9 free patterns where you just print
and cut — and out comes a beautiful snowflake! There are lines to tell you where to fold, and then the pattern is right on the printed page for you to cut. Very complicated-looking snowflakes come out very easily.”

Olena’s right, this site is terrific! Dave (the owner) dedicated this site to the memory of his mother, who gathered the family around the tree every
Christmas Eve to make decorative snowflakes. He shares his tips and patterns for making these works of art with adults and kids alike. There is a photo gallery of the beautiful handmade snowflakes and pictures of Dave’s
Christmas trees decorated with his family’s art. What a wonderful tradition! :)

Olena pointed out that Dave “has pages with more links to other sites with great craft ideas, and of course he links to” What’s You haven’t really seen a snowflake until you visit this website that contains incredible images of real snowflakes and explains the science behind them. We featured the site each year from 2003-2005. You can read the review and click on the link to the site in our archives.

Thank you for your support and encouragement in 2007. I look forward to bringing you more fascinating websites that make learning fun in 2008!

Wishing you and your families health, happiness, and the very best in this holiday season. :)


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