Gingerbread Science!

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Continuing with our Holiday Theme…

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Age Range: Varies

The Science of Gingerbread Ingredients

The Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana, California offers an interesting science lesson based on the ingredients in gingerbread at this website. Find
out how baking soda chemically reacts with molasses to produce carbon dioxide — and what that does to the gingerbread dough. Try their recipe for gingerbread and use their suggestions for experimenting with the recipe ingredients to get a variety of interesting results.

Science Through Gingerbread House Design

Problem-solving, creative thinking, and cooperation are all covered in this activity available in a downloadable and printable “Teacher’s Guide” from
Cornell University.

The Science Behind the Invention of Gingerbread

Ewwwww! It’s hard to believe, but at the Science I.Q. website they explain that gingerbread originated because of a wheat disease known as “stinking smut” that “replaces the wheat grain with a black powder of spores that has a strong fishy odor.” Learn more about it at the website, although it won’t exactly whet your appetite for gingerbread.

Gingerbread Science

Young children may enjoy the gingerbread tactile and sensory suggestions, along with weights and measurement activities suggested by preschool and early elementary grade teachers at this website.

Have fun!


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