Gingerbread Math

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Continuing with our Holiday Theme, we start off the week with Gingerbread

Recommended Websites:

Age Range: Varies (I think most of these sites have activities that will please everyone in the family.) Gingerbread Man Math

At this website, you’ll find all kinds of wonderful gingerbread man math activities with ingenious ideas for learning about measurement, symmetry, probability, graphs, geometry, perimeter, area, and more. There are lots of links to other gingerbread math activities here too.

For more incredible gingerbread-themed lessons in perimeter and area, don’t miss…

Gingerbread Goodies

This site has a full-scale gingerbread curriculum, with some of the most creative activities and ideas we’ve seen. Scroll half way down the page to see the fun and simple math ideas that include area, perimeter, measurement, glyphs, a homemade gingerbread math game, and lots more!

Gingerbread Lane: Bake & Build a Gingerbread House

You only need basic math skills to build a Gingerbread House! Learn a little about geometry (and architecture!) as you determine what size to cut the
squares, rectangles, triangles, circles, archways and other parts needed for the structure. This site has recipes for gingerbread and the all-important
mortar-icing! There are also construction tips, and plans for making simple gingerbread houses too. You’ll discover the best decorative candy to use —
and you will find tips for how to preserve your gingerbread masterpiece. Finally, there are links to many other sites all about gingerbread! Don’t
miss the photo archive of incredible gingerbread houses that have won prizes in various gingerbread house contests. You can even see an Eiffel Tower made
out or Gingerbread!

Make Easy & Simple Gingerbread Houses

At this website you can follow very easy plans to make mini faux gingerbread houses out of graham crackers. This is an especially good choice if you are
pressed for time — or if you have young children who would get frustrated with building more complex or real gingerbread structures.

Note: I gave a Gingerbread House Building Party for our homeschool support group one year. Guests brought single-serving milk cartons that we used for
bases for the houses. Then we just used royal icing to “glue” the graham crackers to the milk cartons. Construction is simple using this method. Once
you cover the milk carton in graham crackers — you can fill in spaces with icing. Then decorate the whole thing as usual with candy. We supplied icing and graham crackers for building. Guests brought their own milk cartons and candy to decorate (we shared the candy). It was great fun and the results were spectacular. If you do this be sure that every adult has their own
materials — as parents like this project as much as their kids do! This also prevents the kids from saying to mom and dad in total exasperation, “I’d
rather do it myself!” :-)

Gingerbread-Themed Math Worksheets

This website offers free, printable gingerbread-themed math worksheets in addition, subtraction and multiplication.

Want More Christmas Math Activities?

Googol Learning

You won’t believe the array of holiday math activities that are archived at the website. From calorie counting to budgeting to snowflake
symmetry to finding the magnetic north pole — it’s all here.


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