Gingerbread Language Arts

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Continuing with our Holiday theme…

Recommended Websites:

Age Range: 3 and up for the first two sites, 10 and up for the last site (approximately)

Jan Brett’s Audio-Visual Version of “The Gingerbread Baby”

Gather the family around the computer for a treat! You can watch a film of beloved children’s author and illustrator Jan Brett reading her story, “The
Gingerbread Baby,” aloud at this website. Not only that, she offers lots of arts and crafts activity pages all themed around “The Gingerbread Baby.” Simply click on “Home Page” at the bottom of the screen. When the Home Page opens, scroll down a little to find links to “Activities Pages” and “Coloring Pages” on the menu. If you click on either one, you will find a menu containing activity items related to “The Gingerbread Baby” story.

Topmarks Education: The Traditional Gingerbread Man Story

Read an interactive, online version of the classic, traditional tale of “The
Gingerbread Man.”

The Annotated Gingerbread Man

You can read an annotated version of the classic tale, “The Gingerbread Man,” at this website. See various illustrations and books about “The Gingerbread Man.” Use the menu on the left side of your screen to discover similar stories from other cultures — such as The Runaway Pancake, The Johnny Cake, and The Runaway Tortilla.


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