Cranberry Science, History, & Bog Tour!

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Continuing with our Holiday Theme…

What would the holidays be without cranberries! Use them to learn science,
history, social studies and more!

Recommended Websites:

Cranberry Science!

Penn State offers this science experiment designed for 4-H club members. Use
cranberry juice to learn about pigments called anthocyanins in the fruit
that gives the berries their red color. Try the experiment at this site to
see how you can change the color of fruits!

Cranberry History!

The Ocean Spray company offers this video history of the cranberry and a
harvesting tour of a cranberry bog.

Photo Tour of a Cranberry Bog

Take a virtual photo tour of a family-owned cranberry bog. Learn how
cranberries are grown and harvested.

Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies and more! Fun With Cranberries!

Don’t let the fact that this article is posted on the website deter you from using it for your older children as well. The experiments and activities here can be enjoyed by the whole family and will enrich any curriculum. :)


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