Virtual Tour of the Mayflower

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Recommended Website:
Scholastic’s The First Thanksgiving: Voyage on the Mayflower

The Scholastic website offers a virtual tour of a replica of the “Mayflower,” the ship the Pilgrims boarded to sail to America.

When you get to the site, you have a choice of clicking on one of two buttons:

  • Take The Journey — Follow this interactive recreation of the Pilgrim’s voyage from Plymouth in England across the Atlantic ocean, through storms and other perils, to Newfoundland and then to Plimoth in New England. Be sure to turn on your speakers to hear the narration as you watch the
  • Tour The Ship — The “Mayflower” was a merchant ship. It wasn’t built for passengers. You can imagine what the voyage must have been like for the Pilgrims as you virtually explore the rigging used to tighten sails, the Round House used for navigation, the captain’s cabin, the steerage room, the
    ship’s main deck, the crew’s quarters or “tween decks”, the forecastle or kitchen, and you can even see the windlass used to draw anchor.

After your tour, scroll down the main page to the “Pilgrim Timeline.” Click on the audio icons to hear a brief historical account of the Pilgrims from 1616 to 1620.

Then, scroll to “More to Explore” near the bottom of the page, and click on the menu items to learn more about Plymouth Colony, the Pilgrims, and the Wampanoag. You can also click on Plimoth Plantation, a website devoted to an actual historic park that is a recreation of a 1627 Pilgrim village. (Includes tons of resources for teachers.)

This website provides an interesting educational adjunct at this time of year.


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