Virtual Postcard Tour of the 50 States

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Recommended Website:
Discover America Through Postcards

Trudy in Georgia recommended today’s website that provides a virtual postcard tour of the United States. A husband-wife team documented their RV roadtrip visiting the capitals of all 50 states. He used his skills as a
photographer and graphic designer to create the customized postcards. She is a former history teacher and writer who conducted interviews and collected
“fun facts” to provide the educational content on the tour.

When you get to the site you will see a list of the states in the order they visited them. Click on a state and a new pages opens displaying the unique photo-postcards. Then, click on the menu items above the postcard that say: Maps, Travel Tips, Stamps and Fun Facts. Those links will connect you to
educational information about that state.

Don’t miss the “Just for Teachers” item on the menu to get suggestions for
how to use this site to encourage learning history, geography, and social studies.

If you dream of taking a similar journey, you’ll find a “Travel Tips” section at the site. The FAQs answer questions about how this couple funded their trip, since they quit their jobs to be on the road for almost three
years. This is a fascinating and inspiring look at the United States.


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