Virtual Field Trip To Washing Machine Museum

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Recommended Website:

Washing Machine Museum

Now here’s a quirky website. It offers a virtual tour of the Washing Machine Museum located in Eaton, Colorado. The owner is Lee Maxwell whose hobby is
collecting antique washing machines. He’s written a book about them oddly titled, “Save Womens Lives: The First Ever History of Washing Machines.” This website serves as a companion to the book (available for sale at the
site), and makes access to the museum available to virtual tourists everywhere.

When you get to the site you’ll see a picture of various antique washing
machine labels. Use the menu on the left side of your screen and click on
“Virtual Tour.” A new page opens offering a panoramic view of five areas of
the museum. Use the zoom, speed, and pause buttons to tour the museum at
your own pace. There are over 1,000 antique washing machines at the museum.

Once you’ve seen the museum, use the menu to learn about the different
machines. Search the “Data Base” by brand name, keyword, machine ID #, and
more to access photos and information about each and every machine.

DON’T MISS THE BEST PART called “Machines with Animations” in the “Data
Base” section. You can watch videos of many of these old clunkers in action!

Be sure to click on “Links” on the menu to visit museum websites devoted to
old-fashioned “manglers” or wringers, irons, and even handmade soap —
complete with a recipe for making your own soap! (Note: I only quickly
glanced at the linked websites, so parents, as always, should preview them
to determine suitability of content.)


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